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of a supreme judge, w▓ho may decide upon the disputes of i●ndividuals....In the failure ▓of any perfect remedy, however, for the disor▓der

of war, a corrector of its ▓evils has been found in the system ●called the Balance of Power.Eu●rope being divided into many separate ●states, it has been the establishe▓d policy of all, that when any o●ne by its aggrandisement, th▓reatened the general safety, the rest should un●ite to defend their independence.Thus Louis● XIV.was checked by England, Holland, and▓ the Empire.”19 So the war-clouds again bur●st, with, on one

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side, a British▓, Dutch, and Austrian army unde●r Marlborough and Prince Eugene, and a forc▓e of Spanish, Bavarians, and French under Tal▓lard on the other; but the exte●nsion of the interest in foreig▓n political war was not now confined only ▓to the Continent, for seven regiments o▓f infantry were also despatched to the West In▓dies, to attempt the capture of the ene●my’s possessions in the Caribbean Sea an▓d elsewhere. There was much desultory fig▓hting before the great battles whose● names are borne on British colour▓s were fought; for victories at Schellenbur

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